China’s Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapon- Powerful Technological Advancement

China’s Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

Indeed, with powerful technological advancements, China has proved its military dominance as well. The Chinese military has created an electromagnetic pulse weapon that could be lethal to their opponents. And this is just the beginning—the beginning of what this truly gifted nation’s excellence can deliver to the world. The greatest part about China’s electromagnetic pulse is that you can’t defend against it if your defense isn’t electromagnetic pulse-equipped. Moreover, China can now not only defend itself from an E.M.P. strike, but, also launch a direct counter-attack. So, let’s discuss the details about China’s electromagnetic pulse weapon.

Details About China’s Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

The first Chinese E.M.P weapon is a missile that can travel 3000 kilometers in under 25 minutes. This missile can travel within the Earth’s atmosphere to negate any warning systems installed. This missile was developed as part of China’s most active ballistic missile development program. In addition to this, the main advantage of this missile is that it is non-lethal to humans. When it approaches its aim, it emits energy in the form of an electromagnetic pulse, which transmits harmlessly through humans. As a result, this missile poses no threat. However, what it does is far more dangerous. It destroys and burns all telecommunications and power lines and stations in its path.

China’s Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon (1)

Nowadays, every country is reliant on energy, specifically electricity. Without any doubt, everything is powered by electricity: transportation, water, power grid, infrastructure, telecommunications, and so on. In 10 seconds, an E.M.P. can release 95 percent of its energy, effectively destroying all electrical lines. This attack has the potential to cause a blackout in its target area, causing damage to the system in that area. Also, the enemy would have no idea what was coming at them. Additionally, this missile travels at such high speeds that it creates a shield of heat around its body. This shield absorbs radar radiation. 

The fact that China has it, the United States of America must be concerned, which they are. As soon as China conducted its first test, reports on how China could launch a blackout attack on the United States, destroying its technical reserves, began to circulate.

An E.M.P Aircraft Defense

In a field test, China recently created an innovative electromagnetic pulse weapon that succeeded in bringing down an unmanned aircraft. That plane was flying at a height of 1,500 meters above sea level. However, they did not reveal the date or location of the trial. This is China’s first electromagnetic pulse weapon test in competition with the United States. Previously, the US conducted an E.M.P. weapon test with a weapon capable of taking down multiple drones at once. They claimed it was a significant step forward in their military defense. On the other hand, China responded with an aircraft defense weapon, flattening the nip of superiority by each passing day. There will be some interesting times ahead.

Other Countries’ Electromagnetic Technology

China is one of several nations competing for electromagnetic weapons and defense systems. The US Navy has been working on an electromagnetic weapon for the past 15 years. However, the US has now put the project on hold indefinitely. Moreover, Russia is also experimenting with electromagnetic technology. New units based on the Ilyushin Il-96-400M long-range airliner, termed “doomsday” planes, are predicted to be resilient to nuclear shock waves and electromagnetic pulses.


A powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon has been tested by Chinese scientists. It is China’s first publicly recorded test of an EMP weapon in a race with the United States. Earlier, in 2019, the United States has shown a prototype EMP weapon. It is known as the Tactical High Power Microwave Operational Responder, or Thor, which brought down 50 drones with a single shot, demonstrating its capability of protecting a military base.


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