All you need to know about types of intelligence: Emotional intelligence Vs Social Intelligence

Emotional intelligence Vs Social Intelligence

Intelligence is described as the ability to learn, comprehend, reason, and engage in related mental activities. Do you know how many different types of intelligence there are? Some experts believe there are only two, while others believe there are nine. The question is, which type is more important for your success and happiness? Three sorts of intelligence have a big impact on your achievement, yet the first one isn’t all that important. Fortunately, you have control over the two types of intelligence that are most important. Today, we’ll discuss the three forms of intelligence that have an impact on your success and how to develop them. Increase your life success by developing three important sorts of intelligence. So let’s go and learn about IQ and Emotional Intelligence Vs Social Intelligence.

Types of intelligence

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Pure IQ is the most well-known sort of intelligence. This is the kind of intelligence that intelligent people possess. This type of intelligence can be found in people like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. Those with a high IQ have a proclivity for learning quickly. They are more likely to notice the intricate connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. They also have greater job opportunities because they can handle a larger range of college majors. Engineers, physicians, and rocket scientist’s degrees are not for everyone. It’s vital to remember that intelligence and achievement aren’t necessarily linked. Many brilliant people are unemployed or underemployed because they are unable to find work that fulfills their intellectual capacity. To be successful, clearly more than a high IQ is required.

Now, let’s discuss Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence, the other two types.

Emotional Intelligence Vs Social Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the second form of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is sometimes more essential than cognitive intelligence. What good is having a lot of knowledge if you can’t regulate yourself or communicate well with others? Those with great emotional intelligence can recognize and manage their own emotions. They can also recognize and respond to the emotions expressed by others. Those with strong emotional intelligence are also considered normal. They don’t throw tantrums in diverse ways. They are good at picking up on social cues and managing their emotions.

Why is emotional intelligence important?

A lack of emotional intelligence can lead to a variety of problems. People who lack emotional intelligence might be impatient, irritable, hurtful to others’ feelings, and act like a bull in a china shop. They are unable to manage their emotions or anticipate how their acts and words will be perceived by others. Furthermore, they frequently speak without regard for the feelings of others.

Those with strong emotional intelligence, on the other hand, are generally more successful than those with a high IQ. While intelligence is crucial, being able to properly engage and emotionally connect with coworkers is even more so.

Emotional Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is the third kind of intelligence that is crucial to your success. The capacity to act effectively in social situations is referred to as social intelligence. It’s the capacity to do and say appropriate things in appropriate situations, for example. Someone who is obnoxious at a workplace meditation retreat or uses foul language at a company party is not exhibiting great social intelligence. Being overly casual with a stranger or an authority figure demonstrates a lack of social intelligence and respect.

Why is social intelligence important?

In your social circle, social intelligence allows you to communicate and act appropriately. No one can make friends or keep decent company without this intelligence. It instructs you on how to act in every social situation. Furthermore, it increases your respect in the eyes of others by teaching you how to communicate with anyone.

How can you improve these three types of intelligence?

When people understand the three categories of intelligence, they wonder what they can do to improve them.

It is widely believed that your IQ cannot be changed. You can always learn more, though. You may quickly improve the quantity of knowledge you possess. You can learn public speaking, geometry, or how to speak French, for example. Increasing your IQ, on the other hand, will take some time. Emotional intelligence and social intelligence, on the other hand, can be easily improved. You can improve your social and emotional abilities as well as learn proper behavior for various situations. Emotional intelligence and social intelligence have been the subject of numerous works.


One of my favorite authors on the subject is Daniel Goleman. His book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is highly popular self-help book. Emotional intelligence, he claims, is a collection of abilities rather than a personality attribute. He defines emotional intelligence as “self-motivation, social talents, empathy, and impulse control.” It explains why emotional intelligence is important and how it can assist you in dealing with problems.

I recommend Daniel Goleman’s Social intelligence: the new science of human connections to boost your social intelligence. In this book, he discusses how society places a high value on IQ and book smarts, yet our connections affect a much larger part of our life than we realize. Friends, coworkers, bosses, and even strangers develop our brains and alter cells throughout our bodies on a daily basis. Daniel Goleman investigates this new science and its unexpected ramifications for our interpersonal environment in Social Intelligence.

The bottom line: Emotional Intelligence Vs Social Intelligence

Emotional and social intelligence are abilities that can be learned easily at home, but they must be practiced in the real world to become your own. Practice to improve your emotional and social media skills. A lack of these two types of intelligence can negatively affect the outcomes you achieve in life.

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