Enjoy your summer with these best camping tents

best camping tents

Summer is just coming. And no doubt, we can have a lot of adventurous activities in summer. The most famous activity during this season is camping. And camping cannot be successful without a good camping tent. A good camping tent works excellent as it provides the necessary warmth, shelter, and comfort. Every camper knows its necessity as it protects people from the scorching sun, heavy winds, and downpours.  However, all camping tents don’t provide such facilities. Therefore, in today’s post, we’ve talked about the seven best camping tents for summer based on their critical functionalities so that you can choose one for yourself. So, take your water bottles, summer hats and camps with you and let’s go.

Best Camping Tents

Important three features in a tent so that you can have the best experience.

  • Performance
  • Affordable Price
  • Durability

Providing ample space for you and your family, this Kelty Wireless 4p helps you rejuvenate your mind and lets you explore the great outdoors with utmost comfort. This tent is appropriate for all three seasons as its wall floor and flying are made out of 68D polyester and have got a hydro city rating of 1200 millimeters. Moreover, its floor comes with a waterproof rating of 1800 millimeters. This camping tent has fiberglass poles that hold it firmly and keep you secure even in heavy winds. There are 59 square feet of floor area but is adequate for four persons.

Housing tons of features and offering plenty of space, this Eureka copper canyon LX8 is one of the most livable family camping tents available in the market. Today, this tent is crafted from 75D190 polyester to fader and has a waterproof rating of 1200 millimeters. As a result, it becomes highly durable and offers protection against the hot sun rain, and wind. There is also an ocean mesh made from 68D polyester which leaves small critters at bay and provides ample ventilation.

Moreover, its main pole is constructed of steel and has secondary fiberglass poles which hold up to years of abuse from camping trips. This camping tent offers 130 square feet of living space which is adequate for 8 campers. Additionally, this tent weighs only 31.2 pounds is super easy to set up, and is super easy to store. Overall, the eureka copper canyon lx8 is easy to set up provides tons of living space, and makes your camping trips more enjoyable.

Designed for intuitive setup palatial comfort and impeccable weather protection, this Nemo Wagontop 6P can keep you warm, dry, and comfortable through years of adventures. This camping tent for summer has a canopy built from 75D PEU polyester and the wireless floor is manufactured from 300D PEU polisher and both contain 1500 millimeters of waterproof rating. So it becomes highly durable and provides weather protection. And to give you a better standing height, this tent comes with two hubbed aluminum poles.

Moreover, there are massive screen panoramic windows that offer a great view and ventilation this tent features 69.4 square feet of floor accommodating four persons and their essentials. Last but not least, this tent is quite light weighing 20.1 pounds only that promotes easy carrying in summary. This Nemo Wagontop 6P is backed by lots of valuable features that can provide you with a better camping experience.

Take your camping to the next level with this Big Agnes Big House Six which is specially designed to provide cavernous shelter for a large group of campers. This tent for camping has a polyester fly and floor with a polyurethane coating and they have 1500 millimeters of waterproof rating. Thus it can tolerate anything that the environment throws at it. This camping tent is appropriate for use in summer. Thanks to its two large doors with windows featuring nylon mesh. Besides offering optimal air circulation, they protect you from bugs like the other standard tents.  This one also comes with DAC DA.17 aluminum poles that firmly hold the stand in position.

Now let’s talk about its interior. This tent has a large floor area of 83 square feet which is enough for a camping family. Finally, it weighs only 16.7 pounds making lugging more convenient. In conclusion, this Big Agnes Big House Six is visually appealing offers spacious rooms for you, your family, and gear, and provides unparalleled comfort in the woods. No doubt, it is one the best summer camping tent.

It’ll be hard to find any avid camper who does not know anything about the brand, North Face. This brand is famous for its excellent craftsmanship and so the North Face while on a 6P is not going to disappoint you. This summer camping tent features a hybrid double wall construction which is in a sense nylon fabric. Besides ensuring optimal durability, this material offers weather protection as well.  It’s got color-coded poles that support this tent and allow easy setup. Its floor area is about 86.11 square feet, accommodating up to six persons. There is a large vestibule that you can use to store gear outside the tent

Moreover, you can also keep your camping gear inside the tent. Thanks to its internal organization pockets and ceiling pockets. Maneuvering around and carrying anywhere the stand is super easy as it weighs only 20.15 pounds. All said with the room interior, gear housing capacity, and durable outer shell, The North Face fall on the 6P has set it apart from other tents in this price range.

Spacious, innovative, and all seasons friendly, this Marmot Halo 6p can shelter you and lets you stay comfortable in the woods regardless of weather conditions. This tent has a waterproof fly made of 68D polyester ripstop. Plus, it’s got a heavy-duty canopy crafted from 68D polyester taffeta and its large 96.7 square feet floor consists of 150d polyester oxford. Indeed, all these materials make the stand highly durable and protect you from adverse weather conditions. This camping tent fly and canopy have eighteen hundred millimeters of hydro city grading while this floor features 3000 millimeters of water per rating.

Unlike many tents, it comes with deck d817 pulse that keeps the tent stable in heavy winds.  Additionally, this camping tent is pretty lightweight weighing only 20.1 pounds so you can carry it conveniently. All in all, if you’re looking for a tent with superior quality features, then this Marmot Halo 6P needs your consideration.

As on our top pick we’ve selected this Coleman Skydome Excel which sets up in no time, provides adequate space for you and your gear, and chills you in harsh environments. This camping tent is highly spacious. You can place up to three queen size air beds on this floor. Its walls are designed vertically, providing six feet of center height which means even long people can comfortably move around inside the tent.

Additionally, this tent features a weather tech system including a tub-like floor, plated welded corners inverted, and taped seams on the fly. For that, this tent can easily block the water in contrast. Moreover, its durable frame can resist up to 35 miles per hour of wind. This summer camping tent comes with a wide door offering easy entry and it also features large door awnings providing more weather protection. Lastly, many mesh storage pockets keep your essential camping gear safe secure, and organized. In summary, this Coleman Skydome XL is loaded with all the top-quality features that will help you maximize your outdoor activities.

So that was all about the seven best camping tents for summer and the best family tent for you.


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