Easy Ways to Use the Trip Meter in Car

trip meter in car

The first query regarding a new automobile is always, “How much fuel efficiency does it give?” It is well known that you have a serious obsession with fuel economy. Because of this, automobile manufacturers prominently display their official fuel economy promises in their marketing and brochures. The car runs on a rolling dyno to achieve these numbers. Here comes the function of an odometer and trip meter in car.

The stats don’t accurately represent driving on the road, even if they show how efficient certain automobiles are. But this statistic can change depending on traffic volume and the road condition. A lot of you look at the efficiency rates. Additionally, while many carefully monitor efficiency with each fill, relatively few employ the proper approach. So, most rely on vehicle accessories, like the trip meter.

Moreover, to know ‘what is odometer,’ here’s your answer. A car’s odometer keeps track of how far it has travelled. There are several uses for knowing how far an automobile travels. So, the issue is, what does an automotive odometer measure?

How to Use Trip Meter in Car?

The Resale Value of a Car

One of the most crucial elements determining a car’s resale value is how many kilometres it has driven.

Fuel Consumption

You can reset the day’s reading to assess the car’s fuel economy. This is a useful function for folks who travel to work or drive their car daily. You may assess your financial situation and adjust your monthly budget as necessary.

Running Time of a Tire

The automobile tyre experiences normal wear and tear. The number of kilometres of a tyre determines the shelf life of each tyre. Depending on your tyre manufacturer, this running life might range from 10,000 to 50,000 km.

Servicing And Maintenance

You receive free service from the firm when you buy a new automobile. The number of kilometres an automobile travels determines the service interval. What more effective reminder could there be than the odometer reading right before you?

These are all common everyday practices that many people fail to notice. It is a straightforward function that guarantees your automobile stays in excellent condition. Therefore, be sure to keep an eye on it.

Odometer And Trip Meter in Car- How Do They Differ?

It’s crucial to keep an eye on the odometer and trip meter to achieve optimum fuel efficiency. Thanks to the trip meter, you can easily track the exact distance the car travels. While the odometer keeps track of your car’s total distance, it covers in kilometres. Some vehicles also include trip metres for trips A and B.

Use Trip A to record the reading, and the quantity of liquid poured for each fill-up. After that, reset the voyage and go through the procedure again. For longer outstation trips with many fills, you may gauge the effectiveness between each fill. You may accomplish this using Journey A and using Journey B. You can determine the overall trip’s efficiency.

Here is a comparison between an odometer and trip meter:


The odometer is one of the most crucial tools people use to determine how well the automobile is doing. It also checks whether or not it requires routine maintenance. This is because the odometer is in charge of recording the entire distance travelled. It provides information on the vehicle’s mileage, which is crucial when discussing how often you use the car.

People frequently check the odometer when purchasing a used automobiles from specific dealerships. This is because it will precisely enumerate the car’s age and mileage. The transmission of a vehicle comes with a magnetic or optical sensor.

trip meter in car

The modern-day odometers use a different technology track how frequently the gearbox’s toothed wheel rotates. The output shaft of the earlier mechanical odometers connects to the transmission. It goes through a cable to the input shaft on the control panel.

An odometer measures the entire distance the vehicle travels throughout its lifespan. It serves as a record of the vehicle’s mileage. The law stipulates that you shouldn’t tamper with the odometer unless there are compelling reasons to do so. Therefore, one must never reset or tamper with an odometer.

It usually has six digits. The odometer displays the distance travelled and advances the time. Odometers use miles or kilometres for measuring fuel efficiency.


Since not all automobiles have them, few motorists are aware of the trip metre. It is simple to put all of those different instruments on a digital display. The trip metre may appear to be something new in most of the modern automobiles you have today. 

Although mechanical or analogue trip metres were present in cars for a long time. Despite this, you won’t typically see a trip metre in older vehicles. It doesn’t actually serve the same purpose as an odometer vs. trip meter.

trip meter in car

However, it might be rather handy for certain drivers who want to know how far they have travelled on each journey. Though a trip metre serves a similar function to an odometer, it records the distance your automobile has travelled. A trip metre maintains track of excursions so that it may calculate the distance after completing every trip.

A trip metre records the distance your automobile travels during each trip rather than over the course of its lifespan. A trip meter’s key feature is its ability to be reset to zero if you wish to begin a new journey.

It has five digits or fewer. Trip metres marks the average of two or more journeys as Trip A and Trip B. It measures in kilometres or miles.

So, this is all you must know about odometer vs. trip meter.

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