How to write a great essay: Tips for essay writing

tips for essay writing

Understandably, some students struggle so much with essay writing assignments that they seek help from an essay writing service and place orders there. We are social beings who spend most of our time talking instead of writing. Therefore, writing feels uncomfortable to us. Framing, outlining, citation, and other things that are needed while writing an essay are not required in a casual discussion. Students nowadays hire essay writing services to write their college assignments for them. It’s easier than ever to find the best writing services and receive essay help from a professional writer. In minutes, you may Google a reputable company such as and have your assignment completed in a couple of moments. Well, in this article we will tell you the best tips for essay writing which can make your essay persuasive.

Tips for essay writing

1. Carefully read the essay prompt and make sure you grasp the question

According to professional writers, this is the most important stage in the essay writing process. Once you know the question, you can figure out what kind of essay to write. Highlight the keywords “contrast,” “compare,” “analyze,” “discuss,” “examine,” “evaluate” and any restricting words, such as “during the twenty-first century,” “inside Europe,” and so on.

Carefully read the essay prompt and make sure you grasp the question

2. Choose a topic

For surely, you will be in a better situation to pick a more relevant topic after having an overview of the essay. Start by brainstorming, sitting down, remaining calm, and allowing your thoughts to flow freely while you scribble down ideas. To write the best essay, narrow your attention and choose an appealing topic based on the style of the essay and objective. If you’re having trouble coming up with a topic for your essay, ask your teacher for help. You’ll be given a topic to explain with relevant sources.

Choose a topic

3. Make a rough outline

Make an outline for your essay before you start writing. Draw lines spreading from your theme in the center of your page, and add main thoughts at the end of a line. Furthermore, add more lines from the primary concepts at the end of the lines to include your opinions. Before beginning to write your points, a good essay writer always knows how to start an essay and understands his audience.

Make A Rough Outline

A simple outline is also a viable choice. Divide your essay into introduction, body, and conclusion by writing your topic at the top of the page. Have an introduction, at least three key points, and a conclusion for a five-paragraph essay. Allow room beneath each idea to write subordinate ideas that support the primary idea. You’ll be able to compose a more organized essay with the help of this structure.

4. Write your essay as follows: Make a thesis statement

Now that you have a topic and a paper outline, you can begin writing. Begin by writing a thesis statement that explains the goal of your essay to your reader. Examine your outline to assist you in developing an effective thesis. The topic and key argument of your essay must be stated in your thesis statement. The complete response to the problem must be contained in a single phrase. Make your thesis statement in the opening paragraph, then refer to it multiple times throughout the essay before restating it in the conclusion.

Write your essay as follows Make a thesis statement

5. Write an introduction paragraph

Write an opening paragraph after finishing the thesis statement and the body of the essay. Make sure that your introduction is interesting to keep your readers’ interest. Begin with a ‘hook,’ which could be a story, dialogue, a surprising revelation, a quote, or a synopsis of the topic. Furthermore, keep in mind that your ‘hook’ is connected to your thesis statement.

Write an introduction paragraph

6. Write your body paragraphs

This is the section of the essay where you should explain, describe, or debate the issue. Separate paragraphs are formed from the primary concepts you jotted down on your outline. The primary point is conveyed in each paragraph. The paragraph starts with an introductory sentence that expresses the major point. Supporting concepts are written in a sentence manner and supported with relevant data and examples. Additionally, don’t forget to cite all of the sources you used. Direct quotes must also be referenced in the necessary format.

7. Write the last paragraph of your paper: Conclusion

This section, like the introduction, must be given a lot of weight. The conclusion allows you to summarize your points and bring the matter to an end. Write 3 to 5 sentences to keep it short. In the end, don’t offer any new ideas; instead, restate your previous arguments. You have the opportunity to rephrase your thesis statement and reaffirm your position.

Write the last paragraph of your paper: Conclusion

8. Make changes to your original draft

Do the editing and proofreading before you declare your first text a final essay. Examines the overall structure of your essay and ensures that it is formatted correctly. Moreover, ensure that the most important topics are presented first and last in the body of the essay; the others might be placed in the middle of the paragraph.

Make changes to your original draft

Read and reread your article to ensure that the phrases are logical and that the paragraphs flow easily into one another. Make any necessary modifications to the punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary. Remove any parts that aren’t important. Additionally, change the vocabulary to strengthen expressions. Make sure you stick to the word limit. Write your final draft now and submit it by the deadline.

Editing and proofreading on your own is a difficult task. Give your essay to a friend to read before you write the final version, or employ professional proofreading services that are available online for a reasonable charge.

So, these are tips for essay writing. Indeed, these tips can make you a professional essay writer if you follow them accurately. Moreover, if you do not have time, writing services are there for you. Certainly, writing services save your time and energy. 

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