The 10 Unique Hotels in The World

10 Unique Hotels in The World

Choosing the perfect hotel for your travels can be a tricky choice. But, have you ever traveled for the hotel? There are some unusual and unique hotels around the world that are worth traveling to just to stay at. In this post, I am sharing the top 10 unique hotels in the world that you won’t believe.

Names Of Unique hotels in the world

1. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

The first unique hotel is the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland. These igloo-shaped rooms offer domed glass roofs so that guests can admire the northern lights from the comfort of their beds. Moreover, visit this hotel in the winter to experience the romantic sky glow with the sun staying below the horizon for up to six weeks each year. However, make sure to visit from late August to late April if you want to see the northern lights.

2. Conrad Maldives Hotel

Next, we have the Conrad Maldives with a two-story three-bedroom residency under the sea. The Conrad Maldives is one of the most extraordinary places to stay in the world. Not only you can sleep among the fish, but you can also enjoy 24-hour butler service and experience a modern luxurious day on this breathtaking island. But, let’s face it. 

We aren’t here for the amenities. We want to wake up and see fish floating alongside our bed and you can do just that for the price of forty thousand dollars a night.

3. Jumbostay Hotel

Ever wanted to sleep in a cockpit? In Sweden, you can do just that at Jumbostay. You can sleep in the cockpit of a real converted jumbo jet with this unique hotel. The used jumbo jet from 1976 has been converted to a modern and memorable hotel. It is perfect for families and aviation enthusiasts. Furthermore, the best part is that this unique hotel is one of the 

cheapest hotels on this list with standard rooms starting at around 84 dollars a night and suites starting at 174 dollars.

4. Ice Hotel

The next unique place to stay in the world is also in Sweden. But this one requires some warm layers. The world’s first hotel made of ice and snow was founded in Sweden in 1989, offering around 150 cold but also warm rooms. Cold rooms include ice decorations, a bed made of ice covered in reindeer hide, and thermal sleeping bags so that you don’t freeze too much.

Moreover, the hotel also has an ice bar, a sculpting studio, an ice church, and also plenty of heated restaurants and areas too. Hotel rooms here start at 470 dollars a night but day visitors can explore for 41 dollars a day.

5. Giraffe Manor Hotel

Next, we have the Giraffe Manor in Kenya. This unique hotel is one of a kind and perfect for animal lovers. Get up close with the giraffes in this safari collection elegant hotel. It was built in 1932. Every room in this 12 room manner hotel is fully stocked with giraffe food so that you can feed the long-necked creatures whenever they wish to pop their head through the window.

6. Wigwam Motel

Along route 66 (USA) is the next unique hotel. The Wigwam was built in 1949. This quirky hotel is a reminder of the great American road trip days and prices start at just 100 dollars a night. It is surrounded by beautiful nature. Additionally, this motel includes a pool and gift shop for all of those route 66 souvenirs that you might want to pick up.

7. Book and Bed Hotel

Next, we have the Book and Bed in Tokyo, Japan. Readers will love this unique hotel in the heart of Tokyo, well at least readers that can read Japanese. A creative alternative to the famous Capsule hotels found across Japan. The Book and Bed hotel offers bookshelves for rooms. Browse the books, sit in the reading areas or tuck yourself away in your hidden bunk for a good read before bed. Rooms in this Shinjuku hostel start at 55 dollars a night.

8. Costa Verde Hotel

Next we have Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica. Costa Rica isn’t shy of beach resorts. But not many of those hotels include a remodeled Boeing 727. Perched on a 50-foot pedestal above the beach, the 727 fuselage hotel includes two rooms, a bath, kitchenette dining area, and ocean view terrace. Prices at this unique hotel start at 360 dollars but it is a truly creative hotel choice in Costa Rica.

9. Anthenea Hotel

Ever wanted to escape the stress of life on land? With Anthenea you can! This is the world’s first floating eco deluxe pod located in France, is perfect for those looking for peace and seclusion on the waters. It is powered by solar energy. You can experience modern furnishing in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and rooftop area. Pods are available to rent along the coast of France for 336 dollars a night.

10. Attrap Reves Hotel

Fonts are all about their unique eco-friendly hotels. If floating on water isn’t for you, how about a plastic bubble. The Attrap Reves hotel recycle materials to create bubble dome rooms secluded in nature. Sleep under the stars in this unusual but romantic hotel. Starting rent is from just 119 euros a night or pay a little more for a little more privacy or a room of a Jacuzzi.

So, those are our top 10 unique hotels to visit in the world. We have you enjoyed the article. For more articles, visit our website.

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