Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Best Phones 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

With the official Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event weeks away, we pretty much already know everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

So as we’ve had in previous years, there will be three Samsung Galaxy S devices. This year there’s going to be an S22, an S22+, and an S22 Ultra. Now in this post, we are just going to be concentrating on the S22 Ultra, which is the flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Best Phones 2022


The first thing you’ll notice right away from all of the leaks and rumors is that the S22 Ultra looks quite different from the S22 and the S22+, this is a fresh design. Samsung introduced a new design for the S21 Ultra last year, where the camera module kind of blends into the edges. And although this design has been continued to the S22 and the S22+, the S22 Ultra has something that Samsung hasn’t done before. We’ve got all of the camera modules separate, and they are almost flush with the back of the device. But more interestingly, the S22 Ultra now looks like it’s got more of a boxier design.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

S Pen

If we do look at previous years, the Samsung Galaxy S line has been getting more and more close to the Note line, with the S Pen being the differentiator. On the S21 Ultra last year, it did have support for the S Pen, although this was something that you’d have to buy separately. With the S22 Ultra, it looks like we are getting the S Pen. However, it will be included, and it will be housed within the device itself as we’ve had on the Note series. And Samsung has just now teased the merging of the Galaxy Note series into the S series, which all but confirms this.

The S22 Ultra will also haveIP68 water and dust resistance. Now the S Pen will be improved compared to what we’ve had in previous years. And it’s rumored to have a latency down to just 2.8 milliseconds, which is amazing, a much lower latency compared to the S Pens that we’ve had in previous years.


From the leaked info around, the size, it looks like this will be very similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra we had last year, a little bit thicker.


Moreover, it will have an aluminum frame with curved glass panels, both on the front and the back. The front panel will be Gorilla Glass Victus+ according to rumors, this will be a step above the current Gorilla Glass Victus we have.


The S22 Ultra will be available initially in four colors, black, white, a bronze, which is similar to the Note20 Ultra we’ve already seen, but also a new green, which looks good.


And if we move over to the front, the display looks very similar in terms of the design to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. So we’ve got small bezels with a center punch out for the front-facing camera. Now, although the design looks overall the same, the technology has been improved. So we’ve got LTPO technology going all the way down to one Hertz and up to 120 Hertz.

Now, this is going to be able to switch quicker compared to what we’ve had in previous years, making it more efficient. We’re going to have a Quad HD+ resolution. And we’ve not had much information about the in-display fingerprint scanner, but we can expect this to be the ultrasonic Gen 2, or maybe an improved version of it.


Right, now before we move on to the cameras. Now for the cameras, as far as we can see, the overall setup is going to be quite similar to what we had on the S21 Ultra last year. So a 40-megapixel selfie camera at the front and then a quad rear-facing camera set up, with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, 108-megapixel primary camera with a super clear lens. And two telephoto cameras, one with three times optical zoom and the other with 10 times periscope optical zoom.

Now, although the specs are overall the same, we should be having some improved sensors along with the new image signal processes that are going to come with the new chipset. So this should give us improved imagery. And it is rumored that the S22 ultra will support 12-bit HDR recording. This will give you around 64 times more colors compared to what we had previously.

Powered by

Right, moving on, what is the S22 Ultra going to be powered by? Well, we’re going to have a similar situation as we’ve had in previous years. There will be a Qualcomm chipset, as well as an Exynos chipset. The Qualcomm version is pretty obvious, it will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon8 Gen 1. This is the flagship chipset for most Android devices this year. But on the Exynos side of things, we’re likely to have at the Exynos 2200. This is a four-nanometer chip with AMD RDNA 2 architecture, based on Samsung’s Eclipse GPU.

Now, in terms of which one of these is going to perform better, we’ve seen some leaked benchmarks, but we try not to go towards benchmarks. Generally, the Qualcomm version has been superior, but maybe that’s going to change this year.


For storage, the S21 Ultra last year came in three options, 128, 256, and 512 gigabytes. It is rumored that the S22 Ultra will also have a one terabyte option. And unfortunately, there will not be a micro SD card slot. We didn’t have that last year, and it’s not going to make a comeback this year, unfortunately.


Stereo speakers are expected there’s going to be one in the earpiece and one bottom-firing.


For software, it will be Android 12 with One UI 4.1.  You’ve got great one-handed usage, and Samsung has been keeping on top of updates. So this is something that we are excited about.


Right, for the battery, from all the leaks and rumors, it looks like we will have the same size battery as we had on the S21 Ultra. This will be around 5,000 milliamps. Now, generally, the Note device has a slightly smaller battery because you need space for the S Pen. But it looks like by making the device may be slightly thicker, they have managed to get the same size battery as we had on the S21 Ultra, which is great. The S21 Ultra in our experience generally did have very good battery life. So we would expect the same with the S22 Ultra.


Now for charging, it looks like we will have improved 45 Watts wide charging available. This will have to be bought separately, however, because as we had with the S21 ultra, there will not be a charger included out of the box with the S22 Ultra. You’re going to get those slim boxes, which are now a fee. Wireless charging will also be supported. This will be just at 15 Watts, so not as fast as some of the competition out there. We can also expect reverse wireless charging power share, so you can charge other devices like earbuds and things on the back of the S22 Ultra.


For pricing, we’ve only had leaked pricing in Euros, which is similar to the launch price of the S21 Ultra. And considering that the S21 Ultra came in at around $1,200.

So, this was all about Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Best phone 2022. I hope you got enough information regarding the phone. For more articles, visit our website.

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